Cube 2.0

– game with real and virtual patterns –

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Basic, Color, Tale

Millions views of three topics.

In this game, not only can you arrange the cubes relative to each other, but you can also change the image inside of the cube.

“We can experience the real and virtual world at the same time.”

The Cube 2.0 is a construction game made of paper intended for both children and adults, but it is more than a building game using physical components: it is a game in which intangible elements, such as the players’ imagination, light and reflections also play an important part.

One of my main goals with the game is to create a mutual “space” for expressing the ideas of children and adults, to be able to experience the visible and invisible, and the tangible and intangible at the same time.

The Cube 2.0 come with support for the following: